Head of Department: Mrs S. Jones



Teaching Staff:

Ms A Chappell (Health & Social Care)
Mrs S Jones (Business)
Ms L Richardson (Business)

Business Education courses at Notre Dame Catholic College

Why choose Business?

Business news often dominates the media and this course will enable students to gain valuable insights into the economic and financial world that affects businesses.  It will also give them a greater understanding of how businesses work, how they make decisions and why they make them.

Whatever route a student takes after sixth form they will ultimately find themselves seeking employment in some kind of business.  The knowledge and skills that this course provides will enable them to understand how the organisation works and how they play a part in its development.

The course is varied and stimulating and gives students the opportunity to see how real businesses operate with a range of visits to local and national businesses so that the knowledge of the classroom can be seen in action.

It provides the first steps towards a career in a number of fields including; Marketing, Human resource management, Accountancy and Management.

The department offers courses at both KS4 and KS5 for all students to access.