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Notre Dame Catholic College is a member of the Royal Geographical Society. Use the website to get access to all the in-depth and up-to-date resources, monthly news round-ups, curriculum links and exam tips.

Geography in the News
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Online Geography Dictionary


Atlas World Maps & Geography Blank outline maps


Free Photos for Geographers

Year 7

An Introduction to Geography
All the Skills needed to read a Map

Map skills assessment revision page

Online maps in the United Kingdom

Enter your postcode to find information about the area

Interactive Globe (longitudes and Latitudes)

Funzone Geography Games

Planning A Route

Rivers & Flooding

Animations of the Water Cycle

Boscastle after the Flood

Boscastle Flood Report – Salvation Army Helps Locals

Effect of Flooding

Liverpool and Sustainability

Tourism in Liverpool

Liverpool Echo

Weather & Climate

What is Climate?

What is a River

Different types of Rainfall

Year 8

Addressing Africa

Kenya’s Geography & Climate

Tourism in Kenya

The Maasai

Maasai Culture

Cold Environments

Polar Regions

Animal Habitats

Travel and Tourism

What is Tourism?

Blackpool Tourism Board

Gambian Tourism Board


Balearic Islands Tourism

The Lake District

What is Ecotourism?


Research Tourism Destinations

Coastal Environmental Change

Effects and Impacts

Sea Level Change

Climate Change

Year 9

Extreme Environments

Facts about the Himalayas

Map of Mountain Areas

Facts about the Sahara Desert

Globalisation and Development

What is Globalisation

Evidence of Globalisation

Plate Tectonics

Mt St Helens

All about volcanoes

All about volcanoes and case studies

Case studies


The worldwide earthquake locator

Latest earthquakes in the world

Why Earthquakes occur and how they are measured

Plate tectonics the Cause of Earthquakes

1906 San Francisco Earthquake

How to prepare for an Earthquake

Earthquake proof buildings in California

Impact of Earthquakes

South Asian Earthquake

Climate Change

Climate Change Information

Facts and Figures

Climate Change Explained


Study Skills and Revision Techniques

Map Skills Revision

Year 10

Extreme Environment

Facts about the Himalayas

Map of Mountain Areas



Hanging Valley

Revision and Tests

Year 11

Controlled Assessment Support

Royal Geographical Society

Similarities and Differences in Population and Settlement

Tourism in Liverpool

Liverpool Echo


Fieldwork Techniques

Spearman’s Rank Correlation

Using a Quadrate


Royal Mail: Find Postcodes and Addresses

Urban Regeneration


T&T Online
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This website will give you information on each of the BTEC units of study, extra reading materials and related websites.

World Tourism

Travel and Tourism Destinations

What is Tourism?

Blackpool Tourism Board



Virgin Trains


British Airways


Car Hire

Easy Car