Head of Department: Miss M Tsai

MFL Department – Mission Statement
The Modern Foreign Languages departmental team is committed to offering all students at Notre Dame a wide variety of opportunities to explore and understand a range of spiritual, moral and cultural issues through the study of French and Spanish.
We aim to provide a disciplined, well-ordered and supportive environment in which students can strive to achieve their best.

The MFL department at Notre Dame Catholic College comprises four teachers:
Miss M Tsai: Head of Department and teacher of Spanish and French
Mr N Watkins: Coodinator for CPD and teacher of Spanish and French
Mrs J Sansbury: Teacher of Spanish and French
Ms P Spears: Teacher of French and Spanish

Languages studied:
Year 7: Spanish
Year 8: Spanish
Year 9: Spanish
Year 10: French
Year 11: Spanish
Year 12: Spanish
Year 13: Spanish