Former EV studentsA group of former students visited the college on Thursday 17th November 2016. They were all in the sixth form in 1973 at Everton Valley and are shown in the photo (below) in the old library.  Last year their photo was displayed on the website and now some of them have visited in person.

Sixth Form in the 70s

Barbara Makin (bottom row 2nd from the left), Ann Caffery: bottom row 1st on left (formerly McKernan), Catherine Hubbard: third row 3rd from left (formerly Kearns) and Bernadette Crowe: second row 4th from right (formerly Ryan) looked around the college and were very impressed with the building but more so with the ambiance and the relaxed atmosphere. They recognised the artefacts that were brought from the Everton Valley building and could relate tales associated with them. Barbara, Ann and Bernadette became teachers and Catherine is a doctor.

Former students1Former students2Former students3