Healthy Schools

Notre Dame has a firmly embedded health and well-being programme, we recognise that through exposing our students to a variety of health related issues, such as, healthy eating, staying safe, emotional and mental health to name but a few, that they are not only rewarded by better health outcomes but we believe that there is a correlation to higher levels of achievement.

Liverpool Healthy Schools Award

Notre Dame gained the Healthy Schools Award again in July 2013. We are also one of only eleven secondary schools in Liverpool to have Enhanced Status. This is a robust process which evaluates how schools have identified and improved health and well-being outcomes for their students.


Since September 2013 Notre Dame students have been provided with fruit every Tuesday and Thursday. The scheme will continue this year as it has proved to be a wonderful success, our students regularly enjoying this contribution to their ‘5 a day’.

Water Only Policy

For three years now we have had at Notre Dame a water only policy in lessons. Students are allowed to drink only water in lessons. The school has provided water fountains around the building and students are encouraged to refill their water bottles regularly throughout the school day. Parents and students have also been given information about the health effects of drinking too many fizzy drinks and more recently the adverse effects of drinking high caffeine energy drinks which have become a trend amongst school children. There has been some publicity about this subject in the national press as the effects on young people can be fatal. Students are no longer allowed to consume either fizzy drinks or energy drinks whilst on the college site.


Bikeability Level 3 Training

Year 8 students recently took part in the Bikeability Level 3 training, a 2.5 hour training programme which improves their cycling proficiency, promotes cycling as a healthy and low cost travel opinion. Our students are among the 2400 students across Merseyside who are cycling more and cycling more safely.

Year 7 Production – Choices

The year 7 students as a whole year group watched the production ‘Choices’ by the Tiny Giants Production Company. The production comprehensively tackled the issues children face by the youngest students in a large secondary school. The fears and apprehensions of new friends, teachers, journeys, environments and dangers are acted out in different scenarios based upon true events, the action is frozen and the audience are asked to assist the characters to make choices, helping them to face fears and solve problems. The year 7 students fully embraced this opportunity making choices with confidence and often hilarious outcomes, a very enjoyable learning experience was had by all.