Year 7

Year 7Unit/Topic
Autumn HT1Learning to draw expressively. Artist Connections: Vincent Van Gogh.
Autumn HT2Learning to paint expressively. Artist Connections: Vincent Van Gogh.
Spring HT1Learning to explore Fauvism colourful theories within drawing and print. Artist Connections: Andre Derain.
Spring HT2Comparing drawing and painting applications within expressive and photo real imagery. Artist Connections: Kate Brinkworth and Nigel Humphries.
Summer HT1Learning to construct pattern designs influenced by Native American Art. Artist Connections: Rainy Naha.
Summer HT2Know about natural forms and how they influence design thinking. Artist Connections: Amiria Gale and Jorn Utzon.

Year 8

Year 8Unit/Topic
Autumn HT1Developing a sense of identity – Portrait studies. Artist Connections: Martina Shapiro and Iain MacArthur.
Autumn HT2Learning how to effectively draw and paint the anatomical portrait image. Artist Connections: Michael Shapcott.
Spring HT1Continuing the study of Michael Shapcott’s portraiture. Artist Connections: Michael Shapcott.
Spring HT2Exploring the more playful potential for ideas development within portraiture. Artist Connections: Leonardo Da Vinci and Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
Summer HT1Exposing the modern day portrait, the selfie. Comparing, historically, the notion of the ‘selfie’. Artist Connections: all year 8 artists.
Summer HT2Learning about ideas and concepts connected with “the mask”. Artist Connections: Alex Levin

Year 9

Year 9Unit/Topic
Autumn HT1“Moving Forms” – How the fast pace of movement and change within the modern world is captured by the artist. Artist Connections: Umberto Boccioni and Gino Severini.
Autumn HT2Making connections with different artist genres – merging influences of cubism with futurism Artist Connections: Umberto Boccioni, Gino Severini, Salvador Dali and Marcel Duchamp
Spring Term HT1Still life into structures, ideas development now places focus on curved forms, spheres, cylinders. Artist Connections: M C Escher, Jean Metzinger and Patrick Caulfield.
Spring Term HT2Early local architectural forms – analysis of styles and ideas. Artist Connections: Alfred Waterhouse.
Summer HT1Considering building design and function Artist Connections: M C Escher, Salvador Dali.
Summer HT2Analyse the purpose of hoardings, the artists public canvas! Artist Connections: Own artist choice of those used throughout KS3.

Year 10 & 11

Year 10 Curriculum
Year 10Unit/Topic
AutumnObservational drawing focus using a range of media
Spring2D and 3D media coursework project
Summer2D and 3D media coursework project
Year 11 Curriculum
Year 11Unit/Topic
Autumn 1Coursework completion in response to project review
SpringControlled Assessment
SummerFinal coursework completion

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