To know nothing of what happened before you were born is to remain forever a child. (Cicero)

Year 7, 8 and 9 Curriculum

Year 7
Year 7Unit/Topic
Autumn HT1Unit 1: What is history? Invaders and Settlers: 43 A.D to 1066 A.D Why was the Islamic Empire so successful?
Autumn HT2Unit 2: Was the false retreat the most significant reason behind William, Duke of Normandy’s victory at Hastings in 1066? Did the Normans bring a ‘truckload of trouble’?
Spring HT1Unit 3: Did the Crusaders fight for gold or glory?
Spring HT2Unit 4: How did events in Germany lead to religious change in Tudor England?
Summer HT1Unit 5: What does the life of Mansa Musa reveal about Medieval Mali?
Summer HT2Unit 6: How similar were attempts to deal with infectious diseases between 1300-1700?


Year 8
Year 8Unit/Topic
Autumn HT1Unit 1: What do Miranda Kaufman’s discoveries tell us about Black Tudors?
Autumn HT2Unit 2: Why did Britain go to war with itself in the 17th century?
Spring HT1Unit 3: How far were the American and French revolutions influenced by the ideas of the Enlightenment?
Spring HT2Unit 4: Should the Industrial Revolution be known as ‘Liberty’s Dawn’?
Summer HT1Unit 5: How valid is Shashi Tharoor’s interpretation of the impact of the British on India?
Summer HT2Unit 6: What can historical sources tell us about the Transatlantic Slave Trade?


Year 9
Year 9Unit/Topic
Autumn HT1Unit 1: How did two bullets lead to twenty million deaths?
Autumn HT2Unit 2: What do the stories of the ‘often forgotten armies’ reveal about the Western Front?
Spring HT1Unit 3: ‘Suffragette actions hindered, rather than helped, the campaign for votes for women.’
Spring HT2Unit 3: How ‘roaring’ were the Roaring 20s in America? What was the most significant turning point in World War Two?
Summer HT1Unit 4: Who bears the greatest responsibility for the Holocaust?
Summer HT2Unit 6: What does the story of Emmett Till tell us about Civil Rights in America?


Year 10 and 11 Curriculum

Year 10
Year 10Unit/Topic
AutumnUnit 1: Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1939
SpringUnit 3: Elizabethan England
SummerUnit 5: The American West


Year 11
Year 11Unit/Topic
AutumnUnit 1: Medicine in Britain, c1250–present
SpringUnit 3: Medicine on the Western Front
SummerUnit 5: Revision and examination


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