Talk sense to your children, religion without doubt, but let's begin with common sense. That is the most useful thing in the world for finding a way into their hearts. (St Julie Billiart, Letter 206)

Year 7, 8 and 9 Curriculum

Year 7
Year 7Unit/Topic
Autumn HT1Unit 1: What is a Community? Creation and covenant
Autumn HT2Unit 2: Prophecy and promise
Spring HT1Unit 3: Galilee to Jerusalem
Spring HT2Unit 4: Desert to garden
Summer HT1Unit 5: To the ends of the earth
Summer HT2Unit 6: Dialogue and encounter
Summer HT2Unit 7: What are the Hindu signs of identity?
Year 8
Year 8Unit/Topic
Autumn HT1Unit 1: Can one person change the world?
Autumn HT2Unit 2: Do we need rules?
Spring HT1Unit 3: Are there limits to forgiveness?
Spring HT2Unit 4: How do we know what is fair?
Summer HT1Unit 5: How can we live as Covenant people
Summer HT2Unit 6: What are the Muslim signs of identity?
Year 9
Year 9Unit/Topic
Autumn HT1Unit 1: How do we live as people as God?
Autumn HT2Unit 2: Who is God for the people of God?
Spring HT1Unit 3: How do we respect the Sanctity of life?
Spring HT2Unit 4: Who is God for the people of God: Environmental and Medical Issues
Summer HT1Unit 5: Who is God for the people of God: Crime and Punishment
Summer HT2Unit 6: Jewish identity and practice in Britain today

Year 10 and 11 Curriculum

Year 10
Year 10Unit/Topic
Autumn HT1Unit 1: Origins and Meaning
Autumn HT2Unit 2: The Bible
Spring HT1Unit 3: Good and Evil
Spring HT2Unit 4: The Trinity
Spring HT2Unit 5: The Incarnation
Spring HT2Unit 6: Jesus and Moral Authority
Spring HT2Unit 7: Sculpture and Statuary
Spring HT2Unit 8: Popular devotion as practised in Catholic communities in Britain and elsewhere
Summer HT1Unit 9: Life and Death
Summer HT1Unit 10: Beliefs and eschatology
Summer HT2Unit 11: The Magisterium
Summer HT2Unit 12: Artefacts
Summer HT2Unit 13: Music and the funeral rite
Summer HT2Unit 14: Prayer within Catholic communities
Year 11
Year 11Unit/Topic
Autumn HT1Unit 1: Sin and Forgiveness
Autumn HT1Unit 3: Church
Autumn HT1Unit 2: Redemption
Autumn HT2Unit 4: Buildings
Autumn HT2Unit 5: Sacraments
Autumn HT2Unit 6: Mission and Evangelisation
Spring HT1Unit 7: Judaism Beliefs
Spring HT2Unit 8: Judaism Practices
Summer HT1Revision
Summer HT2Revision

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