Year 9 Guided Choices

The English Baccalaureate

What is the EBacc Pathway?

The EBacc (The English Baccalaureate) is a set of subjects at GCSE that keeps young people’s options open for further study and future careers.

The EBacc is the name given to following suite subjects:

  • English Language and English Literature GCSE
  • Maths GCSE
  • Science GCSE – Trilogy ( 2 GCSE’s ) or Separates Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • Geography or History GCSE
  • Spanish GCSE (or other language)
How do I 'achieve' the EBacc?

Students who are deemed to have ‘achieved’ the English Baccalaureate have achieved a grade 4 or above in all of them. This is not a standalone qualification nor is an extra certificate given; it is recognition of achieving high standard across this range of subjects.

Why choose the EBacc Pathway?

The EBacc is made up of the subjects which are considered essential to many degrees and open doors to a range of Higher Education / career options.

Research shows that a pupil’s socio-economic background impacts the subjects they choose at GCSE, and that this determines their opportunities beyond school.

A study by the UCL Institute of Education shows that studying subjects included in the EBacc provides students with greater opportunities in further education and increases the likelihood that a pupil will stay on in full-time education. Sutton Trust research reveals that studying the EBacc can help improve a young person’s performance in English and maths.

What do I need to study to follow the EBacc programme?

For students wanting to follow the EBACC pathway, they must choose either History or Geography, and Spanish plus one additional option to study alongside their core subjects.

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